Furniture Food:
Similar to everything else your Furniture needs a bit of loving care too.
Taking care of your furniture enables it to maintain it’s look for a longer period of time. For this, you don’t actually need to oil your furniture but if you would like to enhance the look of your piece, it is best to do so with a quality furniture oil without any silicon or chemical solvents. Otherwise, a clean with a damp cloth is fine to remove dust.  This will help giving it that newer shine.

Be Careful…

Another point to keep in mind is that the worst kind of environment for handmade natural furniture are moisture and heat. Always try to make sure your home is ventilated and not too humid. Also, make sure there isn’t an exposure to harsh sunlight on your items.

With coffee tables and dining tables ensure that hot or wet utensils such as cups, plates and serving bowls are well covered to avoid any damage to the furniture. With leather don’t allow dust,

Furthermore, with leather, don’t allow dust, grime, scum and skin oils to gather and build up as this will result in deterioration. Regular cleaning and light treatment with a leather kit will help maintain and enhance the durability of your leather. A bit of good old common sense is all it takes to preserve the look and style of your furniture.